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Best Date/Worst Date

We asked readers to submit stories about the best and worst dates they’ve been on. Here’s what they said. (Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.)

WORST: “When I was a freshman in college, another student (a senior, I believe) asked me to go with him to an afternoon concert at an outdoor theater, and I accepted. He didn’t have a car, so we walked to the venue, about a mile or so away from my residence. We were only casually acquainted, it was our first date, and we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, so when he moved to hold my hand I said I preferred not to do that because it was already well into the 80s and it would be too hot. We found our seats and I thought we were both enjoying the concert.

At intermission, he said he’d go get us something to drink. He left and never returned! At first, I thought perhaps he was denied reentry because he couldn’t produce a ticket stub. I stayed to the end of the concert as I kept thinking he’d eventually return. He didn’t. When the concert was over, he wasn’t even waiting for me outside the theater! I saw him at school the next week and walked over to thank him but he just averted his eyes and walked past me. The only thing I can figure that led to his bizarre behavior was that he was upset I wouldn’t hold his hand! Needless to say, there wasn’t a second date.”


— Jacquie

BEST: “I met this guy from Facebook Dating for bubble tea in Tacoma. We walked along a waterfront area and were checking out an antique mall, when we heard some loud music coming from the basement. We ventured down the steps, and this guy invited us in to sit down! We joined a half-empty table in the back of a gigantic event hall with maybe 150 people present for a quinceañera. Our host insisted on dishing us up heaping plates of Mexican food and Coronas. We watched this gorgeous girl in an extravagant red dress do choreographed dances with some awkward boys in suits, while an emcee kept asking for applause in Spanish. We were there for at least two hours! We eventually thanked our host and bowed out as the festivities continued on … including everyone taking shots of a mystery liquor being served up by the older mamas. It all felt like a strange dream!”

— Anonymous

WORST: “We decided to go to a public park to get to know each other better. When I saw him, he was with his dog. We walked and hung out in the park and when we were leaving, another girl started talking to him and petting the dog. They were talking about dog behavior, and they left me completely out of the conversation. When he said bye, she asked for his phone number, and he gave it to her while I was standing there right next to them. … It was really embarrassing watching him typing his number in her phone.”

— Anonymous

WORST: “I went on a few dates with a guy who claimed he was in the military. Super secret sector, couldn’t talk about it because it was all classified information. He had a few assault rifles in his room. I was out with some girlfriends one night, and he came to get me from the bar (I was going to take a cab home anyway). I ended up falling asleep in his bed. The next morning, I woke up and turned over. The movement woke him up and he pulled a pistol from under his pillow and pointed it in my face. Then he said, “Oh sorry I forgot you were here.” Problem was, he gave me a ride so I had to ask him to take me home, but I ghosted him after that. Oh and then I found out later from his friends that he was never in the military.”

— Anonymous

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