Readers rant about unsupervised teenagers, criticism of unkempt yards, taking a turtle from Green Lake; rave about help after a fall, assistance with a dead battery on a warm day.

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RANT To parents that drop their teenagers at malls and leave them unattended for hours. If they were mine, I’d appreciate the heads-up that many times kids don’t stay there watching movies or shopping; they go to a nearby park to smoke a variety of things, drink and litter. Some of these kids look very young, and it’s disturbing to see them behaving this way.

RAVE While visiting Seattle to watch a Mariners game, I tripped and fell outside the stadium. Several people came to help me, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks. Also, we compliment the city of Seattle for free street parking on Sundays. We hope to visit again soon!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to parents at graduations who ignore boundaries set by the event locations, like the one I attended at Safeco Field where at least 100 people crossed the tape to an off-limits area. Rave to the Safeco Field employees trying to maintain order with these people who have no common sense. Herding cats is not an easy task.

RANT To people who criticize others who don’t keep up their yards. Maybe they’re sick, temporarily or permanently disabled, suffering from depression, or a loved one recently passed away, or working two jobs to make ends meet. Maybe they’d like nothing more than to be able to work in their yard, but, for whatever reason, cannot. Not everyone can afford to hire someone. So, please, instead of judging, show some compassion.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to my garbage collectors for returning to pick up missed cans due to an impassable road. Rant to my neighbor for blocking the residential street with multiple work vehicles, doing nothing when neighbors complain about the inability of delivery trucks or emergency vehicles to access the street. Keep your multiple vehicles on your own trashy space.

RANT To the woman who was walking around Green Lake with a large turtle in her hands. Assuming it’s from the lake, I wondered if she was taking it home, a really bad idea! That’s stealing, and she needs to bring the turtle back to Green Lake.

RAVE To the young lady who offered TLC when my husband and I were stranded with a dead battery and without our phones in Redmond Town Center on a 90-degree day. She offered the use of her phone and to jump our battery if we didn’t want to wait for roadside assistance. We took her up on using her phone and thanked her, then our “angel” returned 30 minutes later, with two most welcome bottles of chilled water. What a fabulous example of caring and concern!