Readers rave about band’s free van repair, mammogram tech, Snoqualmie Trail, help after fall; rant about National Park’s planned fee hike, bike vandalism, infants at Seattle Symphony Family Concert.

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RAVE I play guitar and sing in a heavy-metal band from San Antonio, Texas, called Shaping The Legacy. We were on our first nationwide tour, but made it through only three shows before our vehicle broke down in the Midwest. We got it fixed and were on the road to Seattle for our next show, but our vehicle again broke down on a mountain road 25 miles away. We went to a car-repair shop and I explained the tumultuous story of our band to the owner while we were stranded, sleeping in our van and spending time in an amazing city we’d never seen. In an incredible act of kindness, he did the repairs for free, not even charging for the parts. We may not have had enough money to make it home without his having done this, and we’re eternally grateful.

RANT To the proposal to raise the National Park Service entrance fee to $70 a car. It would prevent many children and their families from enjoying national parks; not every family can afford $70 to introduce the beauty of nature to their children.

RAVE To the mammogram tech who saved my life this past July, ordering an ultrasound and biopsy, followed by an MRI. I have breast cancer but am in treatment, thanks to you.

RANT To people who remove the seats and/or pedals from bike-share bicycles. Really? That brings you joy? Get lost.

RAVE To King County Parks for their upkeep of the Snoqualmie Trail. It’s a pleasure to ride to Rattlesnake Lake on a well-maintained trail without worries about cars and traffic. It can be a challenge when they lay down fresh gravel, but it gets packed down quickly and without it we’d be riding in mud.

RANT AND RAVE To people who brought preschoolers and infants to Seattle Symphony Family Concerts intended for children ages 6-12, as clearly outlined both on their website and in their brochures. If your child is crying/fussing/whining, s/he obviously doesn’t want to be there. For everyone’s sake, take them to a Tiny Tots concert. A huge rave to all the performers who made the Family Concert such a treat.

RAVE To the stranger who stopped his car and came to help when he saw me lying on the sidewalk, bleeding heavily after I tripped and fell on my face. He flagged down a firetruck driving by, who stopped to help and called 911. The good Samaritan stayed with me until I was put into the Medic One vehicle. I don’t know his name, but he saved my life, and I’ll be forever grateful for his kindness, caring and comfort.