Readers praise Foster Bulldogs Senior Night, complain about Starbucks drive-through

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RAVE To the players, coaches and families of the Foster High School Bulldogs girls basketball team who, at their home game Senior Night, showed amazing sportsmanship and kindness to the visiting team. Before they recognized their own one senior player, the Bulldogs called out the five seniors from the opposing team and gave each of them a gift bag, balloon and standing ovation from Foster’s team. This was initiated by a parent from Foster, and all team members, coaches, and fans wholeheartedly supported this warm recognition. It was wonderful to see such an unexpected act of kindness that touched all who were in attendance that night. Way to go, Foster Bulldogs!

RANT To people who go through the drive in at Starbucks with a long and complicated drink list. The rest of us are in a hurry and I’ve sometimes had to leave without an order. Please go inside!