Readers rave about flowering cherry trees and a random gift of theater tickets, rant about a loud talker, an angry tailgater and untrimmed foliage.

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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the woman whose large dog made an unprovoked attack on my 13-pound dog while we were taking our young granddaughters out for ice cream. The dog’s owner left without an apology or a hint of taking responsibility (she has our phone number but has not called). Rave to the two young men who intervened, preventing injury to our dog and saving her life. Many others there were also terrific, helping us calm our terrified granddaughters and find a nearby veterinary clinic. Their kindness won’t help pay for our dog’s expensive surgery but did a great deal to renew our faith in people.

RAVE Every spring I am delighted, charmed and awed by the wonder of the double flowering cherry trees that bloom so magnificently along Lake Washington Boulevard in the Seward Park neighborhood. Thank you, Seattle Parks Department, for keeping those beautiful trees healthy. Hopefully, those that don’t survive will always be replaced.

RANT To the dangerous, childish cretin who tailgated me and cussed me out in retaliation for forcing him to stop at the I-5 entrance “Yield” sign. Please recheck the laws regarding “Yield” signs before taking to the road again.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to me for hushing a coffee-shop patron carrying on a loud phone conversation. Rant to so many people in this town who tolerate or walk away from bad behavior. (I watched people frown at the culprit or leave the store but say nothing.) Rave to the loud speaker for apologizing after his conversation.

RANT To the homeowners, cities and municipalities for allowing the overgrowth of plants and trees that encroach over onto sidewalks and roadways, often covering street signs and other directional signs. I realize budget cuts have impacted what used to be regular maintenance by municipalities, and some homeowners who should take care of this don’t care or are lazy, but something needs to be done …

RAVE To the three women at Palomino who randomly gave my husband and me tickets to the ACT theater. They didn’t know it was a special day and we were out celebrating; the play was the icing on the cake. Thanks for making a great day even better.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for my recent rant about a brief nude scene in Seattle Shakespeare Company’s “Othello.” I wrongly said it was without warning; actually, they sent out an email a week before the play that I didn’t read, stating that there would be nudity. After emailing them with my complaint they’re placing a notice at the box office to warn people. Great job, SSC, for the quick reply/resolution to my email and a great play.