Readers rave about volunteers, help after car accident, Metro finding lost wallet, free meals on Veterans Day; rant about potheads in the park, distracted pedestrians, leaf blowers, kids destroying store displays, no tip.

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RAVE To countless community volunteers who give of their time and talents to make our world a better place. You are the best! Thanks especially to more than 700 Outdoors for All volunteers who enrich the lives of children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation.

RANT To the under-aged potheads from two nearby high schools who have taken over our neighborhood pocket park for hours a day five days a week with their smoke, unremitting noise, trash and vandalism; to the high-school administrators who look the other way despite promises to do otherwise; and to the SPD for their total lack of interest. The Dept. of Neighborhoods helped us build community as we developed this park; now we don’t have any say about how the park is used.

RAVE To the good Samaritan who came out of nowhere to block traffic so my daughter could safely navigate her car to the road shoulder after it spun out of control. And a big thank you to the officer who parked behind my daughter’s car for an hour, ensuring that no one ran into the car while she and her passengers waited for a tow truck. Blessings to both of you from many relieved parents.

RANT Drivers and pedestrians both have responsibility for safety. If you’re ready to cross, put down your phone and observe; law-abiding drivers will yield the right of way. If you’re not ready to cross, move away from the curb or edge of the road. And please, walkers and runners, make yourself visible! All-dark clothing at night is like a car without lights on.

RAVE For the Metro bus driver who kindly explained to my inquisitive grandchildren where his bus was headed after we got off at its last stop. When I got home and realized I’d lost my wallet, I called Metro and, with the information the driver had given us, they were able to intercept his bus. He had my wallet! What amazing customer service. Metro rocks!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the growing army of leaf blowers in my neighborhood, at all hours, and their noise and air pollution. Rave to neighbors who quietly make their yard and street look great using rakes and brooms.

RANT To parents who allow their children to disrupt or destroy store displays, with no regard for the extra work it causes store employees.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to all the restaurants who thanked veterans with a free meal on Veterans Day. Rant to the group of six ROTC cadets in uniform and their commanders sitting next to us who had their free meals and didn’t leave their server a tip.