Readers rave about campers’ help, Seattle Children’s Hospital, shopper giving up air conditioner, understanding flight companion; rant to litter, not yielding on narrow street, ignoring burn ban, vicious dog

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RAVE To the group of former camp counselors who came to my aid when all my food and cookware were stolen from a bear box 16 miles from a road. They fed me, took me on a canoe ride, and helped me feel less disenchanted with the state of humanity. Their kindness will be remembered!

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the gentleman who walks his dog and cleans up Don Armeni Boat Ramp and Seacrest Park every morning. Rant to people who can’t seem to use the many trash bins the Parks Department makes available. These parks are great assets and keeping them clean shouldn’t depend on the goodwill of one nice man.

RAVE To the amazing and knowledgeable staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital who cared for our son when he was very ill. We’re so grateful for all the care we received there!

RANT To the angry man in a big SUV who wouldn’t yield on a narrow street. I had to back up to let him by even though there were several places he could have turned out. As he went by he shouted at me that he wouldn’t move for me to pass.

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RAVE To the kind shopper at Costco who gave up the last portable air conditioner already in his basket so we could purchase it to install for my wife’s 92-year-old mother living at a local care facility.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the burn ban during the recent hazy air because of the wildfires in B.C. Rant to neighbors who disregard burn bans now and in the past with their outdoor fireplaces and barbecues smoking up the neighborhood so neighbors can’t open their windows to cool their homes down.

RANT To the woman at the dog park who could barely contain her leashed Rottweiler. As I walked the trail, her dog lunged at me, barking, growling and snapping his jaw within inches of my face while she struggled to control him. I hope she’s careful not to encourage strangers to pet her scary and unpredictable dog. An apology would have been appreciated.

RAVE To the lady in the white pants and yellow top sitting next to my toddler and me on a packed flight when we both ended up wearing his lunch. She showed understanding only a mother can after being puked on. Also thanks to the pilot, who delayed descent so the amazing flight crew could jump in with barf bags, wet wipes and deodorizer, and to all the understanding passengers who held back their own barf and avoided a repeat of “The Goonies” theater scene. It’s a baby’s first flight this mother will never forget.