Readers rave about return of lost movie tickets, rant about rude fan at basketball tournament.

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RAVE After buying tickets to a movie, a gust of wind came up and sent the tickets flying down the street. The ticket seller said he couldn’t replace them, and I’m 86 years old and couldn’t chase after them fast enough. A man came up behind me, ran down the sidewalk and across a street and retrieved the tickets. Thank you very much; it’s nice to have such wonderful people out there.

RANT To the rude fan who shouted at my husband “sit down, I can’t see” as he was helping his 85-year-old in-laws to their seats in the 1A State High School Tournament basketball game. You should be ashamed of yourself! You could have easily stood up for the short time it took them to walk the aisle and sit down. Rave to the woman from the same school who came to apologize for the fan’s behavior after their loss.