Update on defective donated gift RC car; readers rave about help opening car trunk, courteous drivers on pass, helpful Seattle Police, reckless driver pulled over; rant about texting and driving, kids left alone at barbershop, no help for hearing-impaired people, dumped RV waste.

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RAVE AND RAVE UPDATE We received many emails and phone calls after the item in Rant & Rave on Sunday, Jan. 1, about a child’s Christmas gift of a donated RC car that was defective. The person who submitted the rant appreciates everyone’s concern but prefers to remain anonymous and requests that people donate to Hopelink, the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots or any food bank. Thanks so much to the many generous readers who responded to the story.

RAVE To the five men who came to my rescue at the health-club parking lot when I locked my keys in the trunk, researching on their cellphones for solutions, communicating with each other and multitasking, all while standing in the rain. Thanks for all the efforts that got my trunk opened!

RANT To texting drivers, like the one who speeds down our street every day and nearly ran over a little girl heading to school. We live in a society so addicted to technological convenience that we’re willing to nonchalantly accept the deadly threat to others’ lives around us.

RAVE To all the drivers on I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass during a recent snowstorm. Never in 50 years of driving that pass have I seen such courtesy among drivers; all trucks stayed in the right lanes, drivers kept a reasonable pace in the left and nobody was aggressive or rude. I felt totally comfortable despite the heavy traffic. Thanks to all!

RANT To the dad who left his two young, well-behaved children by themselves at the barbershop for haircuts. When the stylist was finished, the 5-year-old was looking for you. The barbershop staff were great and I hope you left them a big tip. By the way, I spotted you coming out of the marijuana store.

RAVE To the Island County officer who saw a truck tailgating me and speeding to pass me in a 35 mph zone across a double line, and pulled him over. When I saw the red and blue lights come on, it made my day. Perfect timing. I smiled all day.

RANT To businesses without accommodations for hearing-impaired people, like having the cash register’s screen turned away so the customer can’t see the purchase ringing up. The other problem is cashiers who don’t speak clearly. Hearing impairment is a real disability; why is there so seldom any accommodation for it?

RAVE To our Seattle Police Department and 911 for their quick response, and to the officer who found my missing husband who has Alzheimer’s.

RANT To the RV owner who emptied his sewage waste-holding tank on the King County Burien library’s parking lot. It stinks, and so do you. Shame!