Readers rave about help after bike accident, rant about park litter

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RAVE While visiting Seattle, my husband shattered his ankle during a ride on the bike trail at Alki. A huge rave to the many good Samaritans who rushed to his assistance, the medics, ambulance and Harborview Hospital personnel who cared for him that day and during our two-week stay following surgery to put his ankle back together.

RANT To the family that used a shelter at a city park without paying for it and left a mess. I’m a Seattle Parks employee and politely asked for your group to take your trash to our dumpsters and provided the bags. Your group said you would, then didn’t, instead overstuffing the trash can with your party stuff, taking the bags I provided with you and leaving a pile of candy bars on the picnic table for the squirrels to make a mess with. What are you teaching your children, that it’s okay to lie and litter?