Readers rave about military nurse raising 12th Man flag, aggressive bus drivers, park users, timely holiday decorations, pulling over speeding daughter; rant about Husky fans’ litter, rental bikes, Charles Manson

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RAVE To Lt. Col. Barbara Nichols, a 95-year-old Lacey native and Army veteran who was an original member of the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps and is the oldest living military nurse in the U.S., who raised the 12th Man flag at Monday night’s Seahawks game. Rave to our Seahawks for honoring a nurse; we nurses all thank you!

RANT To the UW Husky football fans who litter the streets, waterways and neighborhoods surrounding Husky Stadium and leave mounds of garbage in the party area behind it on game days. If they truly had Husky spirit, they’d be responsible citizens and put cans, bottles and food packaging into the cans provided, or pack them out.

RAVE To aggressive bus drivers who hit the gas when they see a yellow light and lay on their horn when some chump is blocking an intersection. Thanks for taking those extra little risks and impolite actions so the dozens of us packed onto the bus can make it into work on time.

RANT To rental bikes left to block handicap access from sidewalks to the street, bus shelters, entry to a medical clinic, sidewalks, parking strips, ad infinitum. In addition, I’ve yet to see anyone riding these wearing a helmet.

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RAVE While working with a group of volunteers raking leaves at Carkeek Park, I was so impressed by people who use the park. There was virtually no litter, and many people using the trails expressed their thanks to us for raking them clear.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to my neighbor for telling me when she twice spotted my 14-year-old riding on city streets with his helmet dangling from his handlebar. By speaking up she may have helped save his life, and I’m so thankful! Rant to friends who advised against telling me for fear of causing offense. It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes to keep him/her alive.

RAVE To stores who wait until after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations and play Christmas music. I appreciate the concept and will shop in their stores. Also to neighbors who waited to put up holiday lights; I love them, but not before Halloween!

RANT I’m appalled that Charles Manson’s death got any kind of media attention. He was an evil, horrid man and should never have become a household name. There’s a difference between “famous” and “infamous.”

RAVE To the state trooper who pulled my 25-year-old daughter over for speeding on the 520 bridge. The stop shook her up, and the fine will be painful, but you’ve impressed upon her the need to slow down in a way her Dad and I could not!