Readers rave about Seattle Marathon, rant about lack of theater rails

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RAVE To the organizers of the Seattle Marathon and all the volunteers who gave their time to provide smiles, encouragement and water to the runners at the event that’s showcased scenic byways of our beautiful city on Thanksgiving weekend for 45 years. The event welcomes all ages and sizes, sharing the ideals of setting goals, being proactive about our health, and celebrating our legs and feet as an acceptable, noble and ancient form of transportation.

RANT To the Seattle theater for their complete lack of rails to help seniors and disabled folks move in the steep upper seating. I really enjoyed the concert I attended and there were many seniors there, including myself at 89, who had to hang on to people to prevent falling. It’s outrageous that this is going on in the year 2016. We should take care of everyone, not just the younger ones who can run up and down the stairs.