Readers rave about helpful bike cop, rant about no seat belts on school buses

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RAVE On our way to a Sounders vs. Timbers match, my family with conflicting soccer loyalties (two Sounders fans, and me, a Timbers fan), realized we’d forgotten to get earplugs for our daughter. I asked a bicycle Seattle Police Officer if there was a pharmacy nearby we could get earplugs. He first gave directions, then said, “Let me check something,” finding earplugs in his pack, then giving them to us. Very generous, despite my Portland Timbers shirt.

RANT We teach our children the importance of buckling up, but for some reason it doesn’t apply to school buses. We hear of accidents around the U.S. involving a school buses, but no call from mayors, city councils or parents to get seat belts on our buses. Why not? Let’s do something to keep our children safe. I’m sure there are many parents who’d gladly volunteer to help children at school bus stops get buckled in properly. It only takes a few minutes to save a life. Let’s make it happen, Seattle.