Readers rant about secondhand smoke at the bus stop, Mariner players who don't do autographs, bee die-off; rave about clinic's care of lost dog, a birthday treat and the Kingsgate Library.

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RANT For secondhand smoke from other commuters at my bus stop. I keep my distance but the smoke is still noxious. Smoking at transit stops exposes other commuters to stinking, carcinogen-laden smoke. If the city of Seattle wants to encourage the use of mass transit, smoking should be banned at transit stops.

RAVE To the animal hospital who took in a lost poodle I found way too close to the road while I was on my way to work. He had no microchip ID but they kept him to be looked after. Their care and concern was outstanding.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the cyclists who helped me up the slope of the Narrows Bridge after I was injured. Rant to the teenager carrying his skateboard that he dropped just as I bicycled around him, striking my hand. He and his friends did nothing to help or to see if I was hurt, just gathered up the board and took off.

RAVE To the extremely kind man celebrating his own birthday by paying for cake for others at the bakery. How generous. Happy birthday!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Mariner players for not signing balls for children waiting for autographs before games. Rave to the general manager for signing my grandson’s ball.

RANT To the Seattle police officer leaving a parking lot: you know you almost hit me, right? I yelled and two witnesses did too. I use a power wheelchair and you moved forward while I was crossing directly in front of your vehicle. I expect a police officer to be aware of the law and to set an example for bad drivers who can’t be bothered to pay attention. You should know better.

RAVE To King County Library System for our beautiful new Kingsgate Library!

RANT Hey bikers, your mom lied to you about having eyes in the back of her head! When you’re on a sidewalk path shared with pedestrians and you’re coming up behind a walker, that person can’t see you. My grandmotherly advice to you: Speak up loud and clear, no mumbling, and say those three words we all want to hear: “On your left!”

RAVE To the gentleman I asked for directions who got into his car and guided me to my destination, even making sure I went in the correct entrance before leaving me.

RANT More a cry of lament than a rant for the massive die-off of bees and bats occurring at a cataclysmic rate, with no end in sight. How many more huge red flags need to be waved in our faces before we start taking our stewardship of this, our only home, seriously?