Readers rave about SAM, rant about Greenwood traffic diverters

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RAVE While waiting in a line that wrapped around the entire block to see the Seattle Art Museum exhibit of “Infinity Mirrors,” my fellow art-lovers were patient, civil and kind to each other. The SAM staff moved everyone through with expertise, care and easygoing instructions. The exhibit is amazing, but even better were the people who made what could have been a stressful and confusing situation into a smooth-running and exciting visit to a great museum.

RANT To whoever came up with and approved the idea of the “traffic diverters” that were installed on 90th Avenue North and North Linden Street. Instead of diverting traffic to arterial streets, they’ve diverted traffic to smaller, narrower side streets, with people zigzagging their way between Aurora and Greenwood. It’s confusing and dangerous!