Readers rave about helping pick up litter, rant about threat to Evergreen State College

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RAVE To the good citizen who, seeing our walking group enter a park, asked us to help her pick up the little pieces of burst balloons a bunch of thoughtless schoolchildren had left on the lawn. Explaining that birds can die from eating latex, she saw our big crowd — there were almost 50 of us — as an opportunity to get the job done quickly. We were happy to help.

RANT To the ”scumbag” (the very slur you called the 911 dispatcher) who threatened to murder Evergreen students, causing the campus to close. I’m paying for my own education. You have no right to infringe on my activities. I don’t imagine you’ll read this; you’re undoubtedly too stupid to read, but if you want to know what a scumbag looks like, look in a mirror.