RAVE To televising the Little League World Series, taking me back to the good old days of my youth, with a display of honor, sportsmanship, cooperation and pure joy of sport that’s a wondrous thing to see. Many adults could take a lesson in humanity and civil behavior from the Little Leaguers.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who criticize photos used for a loved one’s obituary. It’s no one else’s business or concern what a family submits for their loving memories of a life well-lived. Rave to every picture and obituary I read daily to remind us that life is precious!

RAVE For the lifeguards at Seattle beach parks, whose skills and observation keep us all safe while enjoying the water. Thanks!

RANT To the people on an early-morning ferry who shouted “don’t bring that crying baby over here” and “go sit elsewhere” to a mom with two young kids nervously looking for a quick place to sit to calm her baby. Many other ferry riders went and ushered her toward them as the young woman picked up her children and quickly walked away, but I was shocked at the despicable behavior of the others.

RAVE To our sweet dog, Raven, for being a brave little trouper while fighting the cancer that took her life. Thank you for being such a huge part of our lives, sharing so many adventures that made wonderful, happy memories, and giving us more than you can imagine. Though our family, including Raven’s sister Roxy, has a big empty spot in our pack, Raven is forever in our hearts and we love and miss her.

RANT Returning to work after losing my mom, not one manager said “sorry for your loss.” Instead I got written up because I didn’t call out the correct way. As the union rep said, “Man, that is cold.” Then they wonder why everyone is leaving. Duh.


RANT AND RAVE Rant to the thief who stole my daughter’s and friend’s lemonade-stand money, lemonade pitcher and chairs while the girls ran down the street to get a table. They were trying to raise money for the local food bank! Rave to the wonderful neighbor who kindly gave them little bouquets of hand-picked flowers to sell.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who let their children misbehave in fancy restaurants and think nobody should say anything about their behavior. If your kids are disturbing others the courteous thing to do to rectify the behavior or leave. Rave to the family at a restaurant whose kids were a delight, well-behaved, amusing and well-mannered. People should take lessons from them.

RAVE To the kind soul who found my 16-year-old son’s wallet and turned it in to the fire station, and to the firefighters who tracked down our address and delivered the wallet via firetruck.