Readers rave about kid without iPad, newspaper subscribers, the Tulip Festival and free breakfast. They rant about sexist sports jocks, defaced library books and the color of a new West Seattle school.

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RAVE To the parents who took away their son’s iPad. I used to see him every morning at the bus stop as I drove to work, leaning on a telephone pole, staring into his little black box. Without it, I see him trying tricks with a yo-yo or playing with another boy, running around concocting their own games using their imaginations, as children should be doing.

RANT AND RAVE For the local sports radio station whose male jocks have routinely dismissed and ridiculed women’s athletics for years, but who have now jumped on the Husky women’s bandwagon as if they’d been there all the time; what hypocrisy. And a big rave for our UW women’s basketball team, who’ve demonstrated why they deserve respect and not sexist derision.

RAVE Rave to newspaper subscribers, who pay for their news (especially print). It allows us to have a free press that’s a constitutional right, but costs money to produce.

RANT To library patrons who deface books with “editing,” crossing out words or penciling in their own every several pages in the novel I borrowed. If you’re that judgmental about word choice, how do you enjoy reading anyway? Buy your own books if you’re compelled to write in them.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who complain about traffic at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. A lot of people go for a few weeks on roads that are perfect for the area the rest of the year. Rave to the people who work in the Tulip Festival office who give directions and tips with a smile and even gave my little one a tattoo! (Love the poster this year.)

RANT To the Seattle school district for the choice of colors for its new school in West Seattle. We accept that we would lose our view of Mount Rainier and local greenery because, of course, schools are important. Now when I open my window shades, I see a pumpkin-orange building with a shiny silver roof that reflects sunlight. It seems thoughtless to put in a big school without considering how it fits into the local environment.

RAVE My group of four senior women headed out for Sunday breakfast with discount coupons in hand for a good meal away from “the Home,” and we shared a leftover coupon with a young family. After a wonderful meal and lots of chatter, we went to pay for our meals only to find our new friends had paid our bill! We’ll remember their generosity and kindness as we pay it forward. They made our day. Thank you to them from their new honorary great-grandmothers (one of us will be 101 next month!).