Readers impressed by thoughtfulness of Americans; ashamed of driftwood beach fire

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RAVE To the woman who so kindly helped me up in the Skagit Valley tulip fields last Saturday when I fell after slipping in the deep mud. She was so kind and helpful, even following me back to my car and giving me baby wipes and a bottle of water from her own supplies. The whole thing was pretty funny, but makes for an even better memory thinking of her kindness and thoughtfulness. I’m visiting from England and was reminded how decent Americans can be.

RANT To the couple who decided to bring an axe to Golden Gardens to chop up driftwood and build a bonfire in the wrong area in the middle of the day. Keep the bonfires where they are legal, and please don’t destroy the driftwood on the beach. The reason Seattle has so many beautiful parks and beaches is that we respect them.