Readers surprised by the kindness of strangers, annoyed by dogs in stores

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RAVE To the young man who paid for my groceries at the Fred Meyer store. In my 95 years I have never been so surprised and grateful. The groceries were for a little family who needed them. They were happy to receive them, so you gladdened many hearts.

RANT Rant to the clueless people who take their dogs shopping with them. A double-rant to stores that don’t enforce their own stated policies of service animals only. Maybe next time I hit the mall, I’ll bring my 80-pound golden retriever with me. Apparently, that’s OK around here!

RAVE To the Seattle Symphony for your beautiful gift of music. As a longtime season-ticket holder, I can say without reservation that you only get better and better. You help make Seattle a very special city.

RANT To the young man who got out of his car to yell at my 80-year-old mother because he was waiting on her parking space. I was visiting from out of town, and deeply saddened at what the city I left 15 years ago has become. You will be old one day, and relish your independence. It will also take you extra time to get in your car and take off. Your mother would be ashamed of your behavior and give you the glare I did. Sorry doesn’t cut it.

RAVE To the nice person who paid for my meal at the McDonald’s drive-through in Bellevue. I was on my way home from a doctor’s appointment where I was told I had pneumonia so it was a bright spot in my day. I donated part of my bill right then to Ronald McDonald House and will pass on the gift to someone else.

RANT To the person at Jazz Alley who was bothered by the lady talking on her cellphone through the performance but expected someone else to do something about it instead of asking the person to hang up and enjoy the show, and then escalating to the staff if required.

RAVE To the kind and friendly lady at the Bed Bath & Beyond parking lot in Lynnwood who reacted so wonderfully when my son asked if he could pet her cute dog, Sophie. She said Sophie would love being petted and when he was done, she handed him a dollar note for his piggy bank.

RANT To the Brown Bear Car Wash customers who hog the vacuum-cleaner stalls. When others are waiting in line could you kindly vacuum and then move to a nearby empty parking space before you start detailing your cars with window cleaning, etc.?