Readers rant about panhandlers, rude bicyclist and kid driver, rave about “kids meals” for all ages, nail salon treat and helpful real estate agent.

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RANT I understand people fall on hard times and have no issue with folks needing to camp under I-5 or get assistance from charities. (Rave to people who try to help feed and shelter those in need.) I do have a problem with people coming to my car window asking for money. It’s dangerous and a public nuisance. They’re often aggressive, and I don’t want to be hit up for money at every red light downtown. Seattle, please start taking this seriously.

RAVE To restaurants and fast food establishments that don’t specify an age restriction for kids’ meals. The amount of food in kids’ meals is perfect for many people besides kids, especially seniors, and the price is right. Allowing anyone to buy a “kids’ meal” is a good policy that contributes to healthier eating and helps reduce food waste.

RANT To the bicyclist who almost hit me while I was crossing the street at an intersection. I said “Pedestrian” and he yelled “You’re not in a marked crosswalk.” Here’s the thing, you ran a stop sign, failed to yield to a pedestrian and purposely veered in front of me to cause harm. Bicycles must act like a car and obey ALL traffic laws.

RAVE To the young lady who unobtrusively subsidized my nail salon bill when she heard me say I’d have to take the less expensive treatment. Thanks to her generosity I have lovely nails.

RANT To the father letting his young daughter sit on his lap and drive on narrow and curvy roads in a cemetery, showing a complete lack of respect for the deceased buried there and the irreplaceable, sometimes century-old headstones. If she made a wrong turn and destroyed one of these pieces of history, I’m sure he’d feel awful. Put that child back in front of the Xbox where kids her age belong!

RAVE Born and raised in Chicago, I didn’t know what to expect when I started my search for a new home in Seattle. My broker recommended a local agent able to work with my very limited budget. After touring several places last fall, I believed I’d never be able to live in Seattle, expensive beyond Chicago! Committed to finding me a home, Amy emailed me and kept me updated on new listings. In March, I found my Seattle home and Amy helped me every step of the way while I was still in Illinois. She has the wings of a Seahawk! What a great welcome to Seattle.

RANT To people who don’t consider the maturity height/diameter of trees and shrubs when they plant them near the property line and on parking strips.