Rave for Seattle IRS office, rant for vandalizing United Confederate Veterans Memorial

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RAVE For the staff at the Seattle IRS office who were able to help after I got intimidating letters from the IRS demanding immediate payment of money I knew I didn’t owe, and spent hours on the phone getting conflicting information from six IRS employees. I learned that taxpayers can get free help solving problems with the IRS at the agency’s local office and got an appointment for the next day. The people who helped me were great — smart, knowledgeable, persistent and kind. I was especially impressed by their teamwork.

RANT To the person(s) who vandalized the United Confederate Veterans Memorial at Lakeview Cemetery. This is a memorial to the men who fought, not the Confederacy or its politics. You desecrater (s) can’t dictate what you demand our culture, morals, history and freedom of speech to be.