Readers rave about Metro Access, help with roadside assistance, Girl Scouts visiting seniors, help after bike fall, Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club, pie; rant about pharmaceutical ads, holiday lights, sidewalk parking, Seattle litter.

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RAVE Being unable to drive after knee surgery, I’m impressed and appreciative for Metro Access service to get to medical appointments and errands. Thank you to their phone staff, drivers and the whole system! Their first-class service sped up my recovery.

RANT To the constant stream of pharmaceuticals ads during TV news shows, with happy people and upbeat music telling me more than I want to hear about constipation, erectile dysfunction, vaginal itch, irritable bowels and other ailments our drug-obsessed culture seems to have a cure for. Do we really need all these drugs, and why do the companies advertise to the public instead of doctors?

RAVE To the man who let us borrow his phone to call roadside-assistance service after a tire blowout, and then took us home when they said it would take up to three hours for service and came back to pick us up when they came to replace our tire. What a wonderfully caring person!

RANT To people who use the planting strip and sidewalk for parking. It’s illegal.

RAVE To the Girl Scout troop that visited our senior community in Black Diamond with handmade cards and flowers on the first day of spring. It was so thoughtful and very much appreciated.

RANT To people who still have sagging strings of holiday lights hanging on your homes. Please remove them. If you can’t do it yourself, I’m sure your neighbors would love to help you.

RAVE To the woman who helped me get untangled from my bike when I fell in the bus tunnel, patiently helping me get unhooked, and to the musician who put down his bass and helped me with the bike. It made me feel much better after my fall!

RANT I don’t care whose responsibility it is, city of Seattle or WSDOT or whoever; someone needs to clean up the garbage all over Seattle’s freeway exits, overpasses and other city/county/state owned property. What horrible messages this litter and garbage areas send to everyone driving into or through Seattle. Do we have any pride left?

RAVE To the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club’s national championship winning bowlers, seniors participating side by side with younger members in an affordable low-impact athletic activity, with club and greens maintenance performed by its volunteer membership.

RANT AND RAVE My husband and I eat out a lot, and when asked “Would you like dessert?” my response is always “Do you have pie?” About 95 percent of the time the answer is “No, sorry, we don’t.” In a complicated world, it’s a simple request: Bring back pie! For restaurants that offer pie, thank you! It’s so nice to hear “Yes, we have pie.”