Readers rave about Metro drivers, Sammamish Slough, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers show, Sound Transit Link Link Rail; rant about beggars, jogger knocking people down, boy in women’s bathroom, delivery trucks blocking roads, dangerous driver.

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RAVE To the drivers on three Metro buses who helped me navigate from SAM to the Sculpture Park and then home. Each driver was generous, good-natured and wonderfully helpful. My daughter visiting from out of town was mightily impressed.

RANT To people swarming Seattle Center asking for money. While walking through with my husband and daughter, numerous people shoved items into our hands after we said “No, thank you” several times just so they could stop us to get us to “donate” money for the item. Several of them insulted us when we didn’t give them money, and, after saying we had no cash, one said there was an ATM a few feet away and we could get some. Outside of ruining our family outing, I’d hate to think that this is what visitors think Seattle is all about, people badgering them for money every few feet.

RAVE To the visionary folks who thought to preserve and restore Sammamish Slough’s wonderful system of quiet water. I’m so grateful to discover it from the water, a new experience for our family.

RANT For the inconsiderate jogger who ran into a group of office workers in front of City Hall and, after knocking two ladies off their feet, shouted, “You should have seen me.”

RAVE AND RANT Rave to delivery-truck drivers who don’t block the roadway delivering their packages. Rant to drivers who ignore curbside parking, instead blocking the roadway. It’s not an emergency vehicle; your action is illegal and we all have busy lives too. Pull over and share the road.

RANT To the driver of the pickup who leaned on his horn and then sped past the car that had stopped to allow me and my children to cross the street. I hope karma comes back to him.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers for a great show. Rant to tour management for a last-minute and sexist bag rule that caused emotional distress to mostly women, causing many to miss a good portion of the show. Also, rant for clueless concert goers who livestream on their phones. People behind you paid for tickets, and the video is horrible quality anyway. Why bother?

RANT To the woman who insisted her 10-year-old son use the ladies restroom at a museum. She embarrassed her son, and in addition, failed to teach him to raise the toilet seat before he urinates. He’s going to hate her when he grows up.

RAVE To Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail. It may have a few issues, but I’ve long forgotten the stress and wasted time I used to spend driving to work.