RANT to professionals who can’t seem to resist answering their phones during a private session. Be it an exam by a physician or a voice lesson, I have been left standing there after being told, “I have to take this,” but do I have to take this? That’s a dollar a minute down the drain for the voice lesson alone. This is not professional. It’s my dollar and my time.

RAVE to the wonderful Seattle Symphony Chorale, whom we have heard many times with the symphony at Benaroya Hall. Last Sunday was no exception where they performed the great Mozart “Requiem.” Many thanks to each and every volunteer member of the choir. One can only imagine how much time and dedication it takes for your choir to be so superb.

RANT to the northbound driver at 65th and 15th who blared his horn at me the other day because I left the intersection at 64th accessible. Speeding around two cars in the oncoming lane just to turn on 64th was extremely dangerous and could have caused an accident with anyone advancing south in their proper lane. How would you feel if the intersection was blocked with rush-hour traffic and you had to wait for the light to change so cars could move out of the way?

RAVE to the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine for launching Range Health and a mobile health-care unit. Future doctors and health-care providers will join doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to deliver care to all 39 counties statewide, with a particular focus on rural and underserved communities.

RANT to those of you who dump all your trash at the paper-recycling bin in Covington. Please take your trash to the dump.

RAVE to the calm and professional Horizon Air crew on a flight from Seattle to Pasco. As we were almost to Pasco, the pilot told us there was a problem with the brakes and that we were being diverted to PDX for an emergency landing. The flight crew prepared us, and while it was scary, they stayed calm and professional. Rave also to the passengers who calmed each other. The pilots landed that plane as smoothly as a “normal” landing. Yeah, Horizon!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to all our hardworking road-maintenance crews for keeping our roads drivable! Rant to deteriorated pavement markings! We were unable to see the lane markings on state Route 518 during [a recent] rain, a dangerous and nerve-wracking situation.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to waste-management workers. I appreciate my garbage pickup each week and the drivers work extremely hard. Rant to their trucks blocking the road. I have some narrow streets in my neighborhood and they usually block them for as long as they please. If they would pull a few feet closer to the curb, we could get by. Are they not trained to pull over? I wish they were!