RAVE to moms and dads who run or bike with their young kids in a stroller. The kids always look like they’re having the time of their life.

RANT to people who address me, a senior citizen, as “honey,” “sweetie,” or “young lady.” In my long career, I was respected and these terms are disrespectful and undignified. Even though I am now a senior citizen, I still feel like being treated with respect. I would rather be addressed as “Ms.” or “ma’am.”

RAVE to teachers and administrators at Seattle schools. This is our final year in Seattle schools as our youngest son is a senior. Every year, the entire staff of our schools devote an evening to educating us, the parents, on how the schools are operated, how to navigate the administration issues, and their support for our kids. The teachers take the time to explain their classes, attempt to meet each parent face-to-face, and usually relay a short impression about your child. We will miss this valuable interchange.

RANT to drugstores with huge signs advertising flu shots when they are out of the vaccine. “Sometime next week” isn’t very helpful. Take down the signs until you have the vaccine!

RAVE to the Kirkland post-office staff who worked to resolve a missing Amazon delivery whose tracking number showed it was in my neighborhood’s postal-package locker, but wasn’t. Double rave for the intrepid mail carrier who figured out where it might be and delivered it into my hands. It was a much-needed item and he truly saved the day!

RANT to parents who allow kids to use skateboards with no bodily protection — no helmets, knee pads or elbow pads. I realize these things can be pricey, but at least get your kid a helmet! How many recent stories have we seen on the news of young people getting badly hurt while skateboarding with no helmet? My son is almost 50 and he and his friends were never allowed on their boards without a helmet and pads. Kids’ safety is at stake, parents!


RAVE for the reopening of Lincoln High School. The school is part of Seattle’s history and belongs with the rest of our history.

RANT to a local newscast for their “Black Friday Preview” six weeks in advance. We all need to do our part in dialing back overconsumption.

RAVE to the hardworking farmers and orchard growers who show up week after week to the farmers markets with their wonderful produce and cheese. I would guess most people have no idea the effort these people go through to make this happen, but I for one appreciate them. Please take a few minutes to thank them the next time you visit their stand.

RANT to the many folks who toss bottles, cans and cups from their vehicles. They leave a mess and a hazard for baby carriages, wheelchairs, walkers and bikers.