Readers rant about public-trail neighbors, noisy library, Lime bikes, ferry parking cars running, cutting down pine tree; rave about drivers stopping for geese, good car repair, veteran at Mariners game, keeping dogs happy.

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RANT To my petty, self-absorbed and paranoid neighbors who bought homes next to a public trail yet complain incessantly about people having the nerve to use it. Your idea that you are being “spied on” is a childish delusion. Draw your blinds if you need more privacy, or better yet, MOVE.

RAVE To truck and car drivers who stop for the geese families crossing roads on Harbor Island. It’s heartwarming to see drivers of huge semis come to a halt and patiently wait for geese and goslings to make their way across the street in this industrial area.

RANT To public librarians who let school kids and others talk loudly in the library and sometimes talk loudly themselves. What happened to the “library/classroom voice,” speaking softly to not disturb others when giving assistance and creating a quiet, peaceful environment for reading and reflection?

RAVE To the woman who backed into me and told her insurance company it was her fault; to her insurance company for efficiently paying for all repairs and a car rental; and to the local body shop that did a great job, adding a few touch-ups on other parts of the car at no extra cost.

RANT To the rental bikes strewn all over my neighborhood and to people who ride them without helmets, though bike helmets are required by law.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people in ferry-loading areas who keep their cars running for up to an hour so they can use their AC on warm days. Rave to those who turn off their vehicles and open their windows. There’s usually a nice breeze near the water.

RAVE To the camera operator at a Seattle Mariners game who turned the camera on an elderly veteran in his white uniform (possibly a sailor?) twice at a recent game. The man gave a great smile and seemed to be pleased. Also rave to the crowd that enthusiastically applauded him both times, many even standing to honor him.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the wonderful opera patron who took the time to insist on helping me, carrying my dad’s walker down a flight of stairs so I could keep him on his feet and prevent him from falling. Rant to the venue for not having staff available to help us as promised, and to the parking garage where the elevators weren’t working.

RAVE To people who take the time to take their dog to the dog park or other activities that make them happy pups.

RANT To the new neighbors who cut down the healthy, 70-year-old, Western white pine. That tree grew up in this neighborhood. You just moved here.