Readers rave about help on Sea-Tac escalator, car washes, airport wheelchair pilots, transfer-station heroes, polite drivers and pedestrians; rant about damaged library books, drunken tweeting, youth-shelter disturbances, taxes.

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RAVE To fellow travelers who were so helpful when a man lost his balance on the Sea-Tac Airport escalator and fell backward into his wife. I was a few steps below and tried to hold her up while the man behind me held my luggage, but I also lost my balance and fell. A young woman passing by noticed the accident and hit the emergency button at the top of escalator to stop it. How we got up and off I don’t entirely recall but I’m so grateful for the assistance. A banged-up elbow was my only injury. Kudos for quick thinking!

RANT The last four books I’ve read from KCLS libraries have had page corners turned down and creased throughout. Couldn’t you use a magazine coupon? A dollar bill? Or — novel concept — a bookmark? Stop permanently ruining library books.

RAVE AND RANT Big rave for sunshine, and for folks washing their cars at places that filter and recycle wash water to keep Puget Sound clean. Rant for driveway and car-lot washers. That dirty water goes right into the Sound.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for drunken tweeting. It was immature and obnoxious. Rave to my followers for not blocking me when they had every right to.

RAVE To the wheelchair “pilots” at airports in Seattle, Dallas, Rome and Chicago who rolled me on smooth, painless runs through these huge terminals on a recent vacation trip.

RANT To the youth shelter in my neighborhood for not providing adequate supervision. Police and EMT are frequently called for arrests and medical interventions, and it’s common to see illegal drug use and fighting, yelling and cursing in the parking lot. We’ve reached out to the shelter many times, but haven’t received a response. The shelter provides a good service, but isn’t a good neighbor and doesn’t provide the guidance and oversight needed.

RAVE To two kind workers at the transfer station who braved going into the Clean Green pit to retrieve my eyeglasses I’d knocked off while unloading. I can’t see or drive without them. They saved me and made my day!

RANT Considering the amount of money the city is bringing in from taxes and fees, shouldn’t we see better maintained roads, buildings and public spaces? Before asking for more money, maybe somebody should prove to taxpayers that our money is being spent prudently.

RAVE To pedestrians who give drivers a little wave when you slow down before the crosswalk so they know you’re going to stop for them, and to motorists who give a wave when you let them merge in front of you in traffic. It’s nice to know that traffic manners are appreciated.