Readers rave about Tahoma National Cemetery, help deciding to leave town, tailgaters, returned wallet, Ollalie State Park; rant about unleashed-dog owner, dog in truck bed, lack of police response to stolen car, cutting down tree.

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RAVE To the staff at Tahoma National Cemetery, who went above and beyond the call of duty with their professionalism, personality and caring attitude to our family, helping us after my mom, one of the original Rosie the Riveters, recently died. Their efforts were deeply appreciated.

RANT To the woman in the park who delivered a string of expletives when we asked her to leash her dog. When we attempted to protect our dog from hers she threatened to beat us up. We’ve given photos of her and her off-leash dog to the local police department.

RAVE To the impeccably dressed gentleman in the nice car who stopped in the middle of a frustrating morning commute on Mercer Street, got out of his vehicle ranting obscenities at another commuter, banged on their car, then actually opened their door to yell at them. I’d just received a job offer in a small neighboring town; thanks for making it so easy to make my decision to leave my downtown job forever!

RANT To the police who failed to respond, after six weeks and calls from us and neighbors, to our report of an abandoned car in front of our house. We finally entered the car, found the insurance card, contacted the grateful owner, and got him to his car that had been stolen. He happily started it up and drove away since it had only minor damage.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to tailgaters. Few things brighten my day more than someone riding my bumper trying to bully me into driving faster or somehow getting out of their way. The closer they get, the more I enjoy being in their way. A tiny rant to me for taking pleasure in someone else’s frustration. But I do.

RANT To the irresponsible person driving on the highway with their beautiful Lab loose in the back of their pickup truck. It was freezing and snowing, and the poor dog was slipping all over. Next time leave him home or put him inside the truck!

RAVE To the honest person who found my billfold in the Auburn Post Office parking lot and gave it to a clerk. There was a lot of cash in it for an upcoming vacation and I was panicked to discover I’d lost it, but all the cash was there. Thanks!

RANT To the greedy people who cut down a beautiful, 100-foot-tall cedar tree so they can build a backyard cottage to rent on Airbnb.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to Washington State Parks for keeping Ollalie State Park open for winter sports. Rant to owners who didn’t clean up after their off-leash dogs on the snow-fresh trail.