Readers rave about “Hamilton” cast and lottery, first responders, saxophone practice, lit up cranes, WSF workers; rant about property taxes, trespassing, packages in mailbox, DVR missed Olympics

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RAVE Late last night I noticed a large crowd gathered near the back entrance to the Paramount and saw it was “Hamilton” cast members hanging out to the wee hours with their fans. I haven’t seen this type of excitement since the Beatles hit town!

RAVE To the Bothell Fire Station first responders who came to our house in the middle of the night and worked on my husband for 45 minutes to try to get his heart rhythm back. Even though they were unable to save my husband, I so much appreciate how quickly they arrived, and their professionalism and kindness.

RANT We’ve finally paid off our house and are ready to retire but the property tax bills now are like having a mortgage. We live in unincorporated King County so no one sweeps our streets or plows when there’s snow, and we don’t use public transportation. People moving here now who can afford the $1-$2 million houses can afford these taxes but not everyone can.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the $10 “Hamilton” lottery. I won, and it was as fabulous as everyone says. Thank you to the genius who came up with this plan. Rant to the average-height woman sitting in front of me who used a child’s booster seat, putting her shoulders directly in front of my face.

RANT To the person trespassing again after I nicely asked him several times to not cut through our property. We’ve lost several packages lately to someone, was it you? You’re also setting a bad example for the youngster with you as you continued through our property.

RAVE To my neighbor on who occasionally serenades the neighborhood with beautiful saxophone music wafting from his house or back porch. It’s always such a relaxing, pleasant surprise.

RANT To delivery drivers who put small packages in people’s mailboxes. It’s a Federal offense, and I’m sure their training included rules against doing that.

RAVE To all the contractors and construction companies who’ve left their downtown cranes lit up past the holiday season. They’re a vibrant and exciting addition to Seattle’s night skyline (even though not so exciting during the day). Thanks!

RANT To my cable company for messing up all the Olympic Games recordings on my DVR. Now I’ve missed the Olympic events!

RAVE Our mom recently passed away and our family arranged with the Washington State Ferries to toss her ashes into Puget Sound. Every individual that we met through the ferry system was so kind, helpful, gracious and sensitive, including presenting us with a beautiful picture of the ferry and surroundings. We were all so touched by the experience and all the wonderful people we encountered.