Readers rave about Harbor Patrol and Fire Department rescue, bus hero, roadside rescuer, kind light-rail-fare enforcer; rant about drivers with cellphones, big new homes, graffiti, overnight train horns.

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RAVE To the extraordinary Seattle Police Harbor Patrol Unit and Fire Department EMTs who responded when our high-school kids taking part in a sailing clinic were caught in a sudden squall. Forty-knot winds kept flipping their sailboats and they were unable to return to shore, stranded clinging to their boats as 8-foot waves crashed over them. After an hour, a good Samaritan saw the kids in distress and called 911, and within minutes, Seattle Police Harbor Patrol, Seattle Fire Department trucks and EMTs were there to pull our children from the water and bring them and their boats safely back to shore. Thankfully, no one was injured. The emergency crews were so impressive and enormously appreciated by the young sailors and their grateful parents.

RANT To all the drivers on our roads still using cellphones. It’s stupid, dangerous and AGAINST THE LAW!

RAVE To the man on the bus who intervened when a passenger started harassing two women. This hero separated the offending passenger from the women, and then endured several minutes of verbal abuse while trying to defuse the situation. Rave also to Metro officials who were waiting to quickly and respectfully escort the harassing man from the bus. I didn’t get a chance to thank our hero as I got off the bus, as several other passengers were stopping to thank him.

RANT To residential builders who tear down existing homes to build new homes that are far out of scale and harmony with the neighborhood. I know they teach cohesion and unison in Arch. 101; apparently they were asleep.

RAVE Huge hug and thanks to our young roadside rescuer for coming to the aid of two older ladies who needed a jump for our dead car. You mentioned your mom; she must be a wonderful person to have raised you to be so friendly, kind and caring.

RANT For all the graffiti that’s appeared in our neighborhood the last month. You’re doing a disservice to the slogan tagged at each site. Vote, gather peacefully, but don’t commit crimes that won’t change minds for the better.

RAVE For the light-rail-fare enforcement officer who was so kind when, after having difficulty waking an elderly man who was sound asleep, found that he didn’t have a ticket and appeared confused. The officer walked off the train with him, assuring him that he’d help him get to his destination. Seeing his kindness was a nice start to the day.

RANT To the ever-increasing overnight trains running through our city using loud horns. Folks are trying to sleep! How about silencing horns from midnight to 5 a.m. so we could all sleep a bit better?