Rave for State Capitol tour, funeral procession and military salute, Ronald Bog Park, yoga class, Mariners’ kids clinic; rant for three burglaries, racist, government shutdown.

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RAVE For the guides who took our middle-school students on a tour of our state Capitol in Olympia, and to the teachers who made it happen. Civics education is critical for our democracy!

RANT I’m not a ranter by nature, but in the past three years I’ve had my truck stolen with my meager belongings, my apartment burglarized of what little jewelry I had and now my most valuable possessions, my musical instruments, were taken in a third robbery. I worked my way to get two music degrees and have worked all my life to accumulate instruments to teach music to children. Everything I’ve worked for was stolen and I can’t afford to get them back. It’s evil.

RAVE To the motorcycle escorts who very professionally controlled the 15-mile procession of cars from the church to Tahoma National Cemetery, and to many drivers for pulling over to let the funeral cars pass. Most impressive and appreciated was the escort personnel standing at attention and saluting out of respect as a fallen veteran entered the cemetery. Thank you.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for saying nothing when a woman shouted at the nail-salon staff, yelling that they should speak English or shut up. I regret not responding, as silence in the face of intolerable behavior is what allows discrimination to foster. Rave to the salon staff who handled the obnoxious woman with grace and professionalism.

RAVE To whoever decorates the horse sculptures at Ronald Bog Park in Shoreline. The decorations appear for every holiday, all college and Seahawks football games, and the start of the Mariners and Sounders seasons, bringing many smiles from people passing by.

RANT To everyone who asked me how I liked my long weekend and day off during the government shutdown. I didn’t get a day off; no one did. We had to report to work while our managers prepared our furlough letters. Travel orders and classes were canceled, and it was stressful for those of us around for the 2013 shutdown when we didn’t get paid for 16 days. Wanna make America great? Fund your government for the full fiscal year like we used to.

RAVE To the beautiful souls who came together when our yoga instructor was gone and the substitute didn’t arrive. Each member of the class led a stretch, a pose and a beautiful blessing at the end, a joyful exercise in yoga sangha (community)!

RAVE To the recent Seattle Mariner’s kids skills clinic. Does it get any better than watching Mike Zunino, Mitch Haniger and Dee Gordon work with your grandson? I think not! Also a rave to the well-organized Mariners youth-coaches clinic.