Readers rave about free Christmas coffee at Seattle Children’s Hospital, remodeling rather than replacing homes, getting car out of snow; rant about dog poop, cashier pushing credit cards, cranky movie patron

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RAVE When my husband went to pay for our coffee at Starbucks at Seattle Children’s Hospital on Christmas Day, he was told that someone had given a $500 gift card to cover coffee for people spending Christmas Day visiting a sick child, in our case, our very ill 5-year-old grandson. The kindness of this anonymous person really brightened our day.

RANT To irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. I’m tired of playing hopscotch trying to step over and around dog poop on sidewalks. And I can’t see it at night, so maybe if you aren’t going to clean it up you could mark it with fluorescent paint or something? And in case you’re wondering, yes, your dog’s barking does bother your neighbors.

RAVE To homeowners and builders who remodel older homes rather than tearing them down, saving resources, sparing neighbors from the congestion of large equipment, and in most cases blending into the neighborhood with a home that doesn’t loom over other houses. It seems more environmentally responsible than tearing down one home to replace it with a mega-home advertised as “Green.”

RANT I understand you‘re upset at the cashier who doesn’t take your “no” about a loyalty card or credit card, but as the cashier who may ask you a second time, you’re complaining to the wrong place. Let the store and corporate management know you don’t like it, but please don’t mention my name! I ask because my job requires it, and my reviews and future pay raises depend on me getting enough people to say yes. My head cashier is also penalized if cashiers don’t get enough credit cards. We don’t like asking you twice, but we appreciate having a job, so we have to do it.

RAVE On snowy Christmas Eve, our car skidded on an uphill street in the ice. After several attempts by strangers to provide traction by shoveling, we were stuck. Then Luke, a jogger clad only in shirt and pants, came to our rescue, managing to drive our car out, then driving us a few miles to our home. He refused a coat, coffee or cocoa and insisted on resuming his jog home. We never got his last name, but he was our Saint Luke, rescuing two senior citizens on their way to church.

RANT To to the woman who cursed at me for daring to exit my seat and go past her during a movie to use the restroom. I doubt the two seconds it took me to step pass her were that inconvenient. Here’s a suggestion: if you don’t want to interact with humanity, don’t go out to the movies.