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RAVE To kind Seattle drivers. Recently, I drove to Seattle to visit a friend, using my phone’s GPS for directions. GPS didn’t know that I was driving a 10-foot tall van and took me through the Arboretum, where I approached the old arched bridge, saw the nine-foot limit sign and had to slam on the brakes. Panic set in as I was blocking many cars on the dark, narrow road. To my surprise, all the drivers waited patiently while I backed the van back and forth to turn around. No one honked or shouted at me. They waved and smiled as I drove back the way I came. Keep on being nice, Seattle drivers.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to my extended family, who weathered the illness and death of a beloved family member from glioblastoma with extraordinary love, caring and patience, making the end of his life filled with dignity, compassion, comfort and moments of joy. Rant to this brutally cruel disease.

RAVE After a stop at a drive-thru we discovered when we got home that we got the wrong order. We phoned to report the mistake, hoping they’d reimburse us for the difference. The owner/manager went way beyond the expected and personally delivered a correct order to our house the next day with upgrades and gift certificates for future visits. Fabulous customer service!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to skiers who don’t respect the rules of the slopes. Rave to concerned skiers, Steven’s Pass employees and Ski Patrol who were there when one of my ski companions, being cut off, had nowhere to go but into the back of me. After being body slammed into the slope and turned into a human sled for thirty feet I was very lucky, no major injuries, only bumps and bruises. The staff, many skiers, and the Patrol were wonderful in their care and concern for what could have been a more disastrous outcome.

RAVE To whoever picked up my silk Christmas scarf that slipped off without my noticing it while I was walking on Mercer Street and put it on a construction pylon so I could find it. Many thanks to everyone who does such kind, thoughtful acts.

RANT It’s difficult for people aren’t technical to participate in many things, including this column. There should be more options for people who don’t have computers, many of them older people like me, to be able to communicate and respond. (Note to readers: Rant & Rave welcomes mail sent to The Seattle Times, 1000 Denny Way, Seattle WA 98111.)

RAVE To UW Medicine/Northwest Hospital for announcing the arrival of each newborn with the opening of Brahms’ Lullaby broadcast throughout the hospital.