RAVE to my yard maintenance crew of two. They whip in here once a week (seldom, if ever, on a Saturday,) mow three lawns and weed a little in an hour. They charge us a reasonable price and are a blessing to an 86-year-old woman and two others of like age who can no longer do their own yard work.

RANT to pushy vendors. This past Sunday my husband and I went to the home show in Everett. Upon entering, the aisle was filled on both sides with vendors offering products and services. I felt like a goldfish in a sea of piranhas. There were people calling for us to sign up for services and try products from every angle. It was insane. I told my husband not to make eye contact. I specifically had two products I wanted info on. After 25 minutes I said, “Let’s go.” I was frazzled. Vendors, if we are interested in your product we will ask about it. There is no excuse for these pushy strong arm tactics. I will never attend one of these again.