RANT to homeowners who hire yard-maintenance crews that descend weekly into residential neighborhoods with their multiple noise- and air-polluting devices like mowers, string trimmers and backpack leaf blowers. The trimmers and blowers are invariably powered by two-stroke engines, which are not only obnoxiously loud, but also notoriously high air polluters. The noise level created by a crew of four to five people using these machines simultaneously, on several adjacent properties, makes Saturday mornings a challenge to my sanity. To the homeowners who employ these crews, you hold the keys to improving the quality of life in your neighborhood.

RAVE to the super-friendly incident-response worker who rescued my teen daughter when she ran out of gas on the freeway during morning rush hour. I was en route with a gas can and on the phone with her when you showed up. I heard your friendly voice offer assistance and you quickly had her up and running — but not before you offered up a quick “dad lecture” on the importance of filling up once the car hits quarter tank. You can guess how it would have gone over had I given it at that time! You checked ALL the boxes for me. Glad to know someone’s got my back when I’m not around. It takes a village….Dads, unite!