RAVE to the ACT theater. I recently went there on a date night with someone very dear. We had a nice dinner downtown and then headed over to the ACT Theater to see the play “Dracula” (which was awesome, by the way). My date and I had a lovely time and after the play we spent an hour or so just mulling around the theater and talking. Somewhere along the way I lost my wallet while we talked on one of the couches. We left and I got home to discover my wallet was nowhere to be found. I blocked my credit cards and just hoped the $200 I had in cash might be found by an honest person. The next day I called the theater and they did in fact have the wallet safely at the front office. I was very relieved to have my wallet back, but also relieved that someone was honest enough to return the wallet and all its contents! It made a special night with my date remain special. No one told me who that person was but this goes out to the entire ACT Theater for being a class-act!

RANT to Seattle’s famously passive-aggressive, entitled pedestrians. Yes, I get that you have right of way, but when drivers are waiting on you to cross so we can make a left before the light changes, it won’t kill you to pick up your pace a little bit! Some deliberately slow to a stroll to enjoy their moment of power! C’mon guys! They say a brisk walk is good for your health!