RAVE to neighbors who walk by my house when I am trying to do yard work and realize that I don’t have a lot of time to stop what I am doing to talk. It’s good to see you, and your sensitivity is appreciated! I need to do my work and I am relieved to not stand there anxiously for extended periods of time, only to finish after dark or not get it done.

RANT to smelly food on airplanes. My seatmate ate an entire bag of Doritos, some candy and almonds, all prior to takeoff. Phew!

RAVE to the landscape architects and planners who specify red maples for new construction. Our autumn colors get better every year.

RANT to the Wilson Ave S Transportation Improvements Project for promising months ago to plant flower boxes that separate the new protected bike lane along our street. We have ugly, plastic tubs of dirt lining the street that have not been planted, despite their hollow promises — save for a few Barbie dolls that someone has very humorously stuck in a few of them.

RAVE to Sound Transit for all your assistance the other weekend commuting on the light rail while the five downtown stations were closed. With all your people working, you made what could have been a very confusing and frustrating experience run smoothly and effortlessly.

RANT to the bubbles that now have to be filled in on voter ballots. Please return the lines that just need to be connected.


RAVE to the Seattle firefighter who was on the Norwegian Epic cruise last month. He came to the aid of my son, who was having a medical emergency. My son is doing fine now. You are a hero, even when off duty.

RANT to the pickup driver who wouldn’t signal his intention to turn right so that I could pull out into the intersection. I didn’t want to risk guessing if you were just slowing down for some other reason or if you were going to turn.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the three Seattle police officers who did a welfare check on my husband after getting some fictitious information that he had called a crisis line threatening to harm himself. We were ready to get in bed after a long week when they knocked on our door to check in. Not only were they professional and courteous, but they didn’t laugh when he came out in his underpants! Rant to whomever thought it was funny to report something like that. The police have better things to do — and there are people who are truly considering harming themselves. Shame on you.

RANT to our local homeowners association. Their smug, overzealous, self-serving behavior has earned them the enmity of the entire community. No wonder no one wants to join your little clique!