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UPDATE 12/29/2015: We’ve started a new gallery of pet photos for 2016. You can view the new gallery and share your photos at Pet photos: Readers share pictures of best buddies.

Thank you to everyone for participating in 2014-15 gallery. We look forward to seeing more photos and stories of your pets in the new picture gallery.


Is your pet a best buddy? Share a photo and tell us about your pet.

We’re also still accepting photos for pets with their best pet pal,  MVP (Most Valuable Pet) in your household, pets with grins that make people smile, pets with eyes that mesmerize and just about anything to do with pets.

If you rescued a pet, share a photo and a few words about your experience.

Upload pictures of your dog, cat, horse or other pet now. Look for the word “Upload” in the upper right corner of the gallery below.

You can use social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to upload an image.

If you don’t have an account with a social network, you can still upload an image. Use your email address and enter a password. (Create a password when you first try to upload a photo.)

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