The coronavirus pandemic has caused a surge in pet adoptions around the Seattle area, as people have found more time to take care of new furry friends at home.

We asked readers to share the stories of their new pets — here’s what they said.

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

Pandemic adoptee Dr. Fauci the cat. (Courtesy of Julie Charles)

“Dr. Fauci is the cat I adopted during the pandemic. It’s wonderful having company, and he can’t jump up on my counters! He likes to wear a bowtie.” — Julie

Smart, quiet, playful Chula. (Courtesy of Gabriela Quintana)

“We searched for months and filled out about 50 applications — no kidding. We adopted Chula in mid-June, and she has been a complete joy. She is smart, quiet, playful, and my only child, a 9-year-old son, now has an interactive friend that is only slightly a notch below a human.” — Gabriela

Jepsen came to Seattle from a rescue organization all the way in Laredo, Texas. (Courtesy of Ryan Yucha)

“My partner and I adopted a chiweenie in late March, right when lockdown got really serious. All of the Seattle-area shelters were so inundated with pet adoption applications; our dog came from a rescue organization in Laredo, Texas. This organization partners with foster families to get dogs from kill shelters in Texas to homes in the Pacific Northwest. His name is Jepsen, named after the artist Carly Rae Jepsen. He has brought so much joy into our lives during an otherwise very dark time. Jepsen is a companion for me when I’d otherwise be alone working from home, and taking care of him helps to take my mind off of the seeming constant bad news around us. He is a very sweet, cuddly lap dog who has brought so much joy and love into our home. It is definitely a bright spot in this pandemic.” — Ryan

Adorable kitten friends Bruce, left, and Pete, brothers adopted from Kitsap Humane Society. (Courtesy of Taylor Knowles)

“My brothers and I finally convinced our mother that COVID-19 was the perfect time to get a pair of kittens, a decision we had been discussing for years. Bruce and Pete are brothers, and were adopted May 1 from Kitsap Humane Society. We couldn’t have asked for a better duo.” — Taylor

Certified good boy Greydon, sitting at attention. (Courtesy of Jenn McCue)

“My daughter has always wanted a puppy, but we instead have always rescued senior dogs from shelters (nine to be exact) because they have the hardest time getting adopted. During COVID, I told my daughter we could get a puppy as long as he/she was a rescue dog. Two days later I was looking at the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter volunteer website (as I volunteer there), and there was a video of four male lab mixes who were owner surrendered to PAWS. My eye went directly to the little brown one and I called the next day, and was accepted to adopt him. His name is Greydon, and he has brought so much more laughter into our house. Our senior dog Griffy plays with him all the time. When we take him on our daily walks, our neighbors always smile at his goofiness and ask about him. This warms our hearts as most people need something to smile about during these difficult times.” — Jenn

Mortimer brings joy, peace and the occasional dead rodent. (Courtesy of LeRoux Matau)

“I adopted Mortimer at the start of July this year. He’s the best co-worker I could ask for. His bed is right next to my desk. He spends most of the day napping by my side. He’s brought me joy, peace and the occasional dead mouse.” — LeRoux

Tibbs resting with Vicki’s granddaughter Tessa.   (Courtesy of Vicki Minney)

“Here is a picture of my granddaughter, Tessa, with Tibbs. He was found sleeping on someone’s porch three weeks ago. He had long, filthy, matted hair and a ruptured tumor on his shoulder. They named him Sgt. Tibbs and gave him a bath and haircut. K9 Rescue and Rehabilitation saved his life by paying for surgical removal of the malignant tumor, dentistry and vaccinations. I adopted Tibbs a week ago, and now he is healthy and happy, plays ball with my grandkids, and is friends with my older dog, Daisy, who looks like she could be his twin. It was meant to be!” — Vicki

From left: Sable, Miko and Mikey. (Courtesy of Lisette Terry)

“Mikey (right) is a rescue from West Seattle. Miko (middle) and Sable (left) are twins that we rescued from Texas, a high kill state.

Our babies are happy to be in their forever home and are even more happy that the whole family has to stay home every day. Mikey, our biggest baby, loves to plop down in the middle of the dining room table, then flails if we try to pick him up, knocking over whatever he can get his legs on. We can often find Miko and Sable cuddling up together wherever they find a comfy spot in the house. All three kitties get along well and run around like a pack of wild ponies while I am on Microsoft Teams calls during work.” — Lisette