Australian dog breeder Wally Conron created the labradoodle for a woman whose blind husband needed a guide dog but suffered from allergies.

But, he said, it “opened up a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster,” MSN reported.

Conron told the Australia Broadcasting Corp. that creating the breed is his “life’s regret” because the dogs are either “crazy” or have a lot of health problems.

“Why people are breeding them today, I haven’t got a clue,” he added.

But labradoodle owners disagreed with Conron’s assessment and came to the defense of their dogs.

For Martha Watton, 20, labradoodles like Barney are the dream dog, the BBC reported.


“He has the perfect mix of lovingness, intelligence and everything. When I’m feeling down or stressed, he picks me up, comes for a cuddle and I feel better again,” Martha told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

She adds Barney is “the perfect companion for anyone of any age.”

“My grandad has dementia and we take Barney to see him at the care home and he’s the perfect calm dog to have around — he doesn’t bark.”

Other labradoodle owners posted about their pets on social media.

Grace Mandeville has owned Juno for nearly two years.

“She’s a playful teddy bear who is obsessed with socks. Who needs toys for your dog when you have your own socks” she told the BBC.

“She really is a member of our little family, plus I’m allergic to dogs and cats so there’s a massive bonus that I can share a sofa with her and not feel wheezy.”

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