It’s almost the dog (and cat) days of summer, and this week it’s especially hot for our furry friends. There aren’t many positives to heat waves, but at the very least, we can laugh at these animals as they do away with any concerns about personal space or self-dignity in their quest to cool off. (This could also apply to humans, though those photos might not be as suitable for work.)

Seattle Times reporter Paige Cornwell asked readers to send photos of their pets attempting to get cool during record-breaking heat. Dozens of people responded with images of their four-legged companions dramatically lounging in front of a fan, hesitantly swimming in pools and ravenously devouring ice cubes.

For more tips, see our guide to keeping pets cool in hot weather. If your animal is struggling, an emergency cooling shelter is operating at the Enumclaw Expo Center. For humans, here is our guide to staying cool in the Puget Sound region.

Below are a few of our favorite responses: