Turns out, Peaches McFly has his own Instagram page, making it relatively easy for cops to find his owner.

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A “car-surfing” cockatoo named Peaches McFly was reunited with his owner Monday night after hitching a ride from Cal Anderson Park, according to Seattle police and the bird’s owner.

A witness flagged down Officers David Allen and Kurt Preuss in the 1400 block of Harvard Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Monday and reported seeing a white bird perched on a car, apparently stranded, police said.

After no one came forward to claim the wayward bird, Allen searched the internet for lost birds in Seattle. He discovered a post about a missing white cockatoo, named Peaches McFly, who even has his own Instagram page.

The two officers were able to coax Peaches into a patrol car and contacted the bird’s owner through Instagram, police said.

As an aside, police report the officers were delighted to learn Peaches was housebroken. Or, in this case, car-broken.

Peaches’ owner arrived to retrieve the bird, telling the officers that Peaches had spent the afternoon at Cal Anderson Park before disappearing. He sometimes “car surfs” on slow-moving vehicles, the owner told police.

“He is always involved in shenanigans but this was his funniest yet!” Peaches’ owner emailed The Seattle Times.