Editor’s Note: After we put out a call for Seattle Times readers to tell us about personal projects they’ve been working on during the pandemic, we received a flood of submissions — many more than we could include in the initial article. So we decided to continue featuring some of the projects, one at a time.

“I am a freelance photographer here in Seattle and I wanted to explore the idea of how people were finding happiness in this age of coronavirus. I discovered many ways the community was rallying together to show care and support to one another — to spread joy amongst the neighborhoods. I found lots of interesting things happening here in Seattle: an opera singer singing opera in his front yard, ‘art car’ parades at nursing homes, a theater artist decorating a shrub outside her home, New Orleans-style quarantine parades through the neighborhood streets. These little and large ways worked to inspire and uplift the community.”

— Mike Hipple, Seattle

Pandemic Projects