After we put out a call for Seattle Times readers to tell us about personal projects they’ve been working on during the pandemic, we received a flood of submissions — many more than we could include in the initial article. So we decided to continue featuring some of the projects, one at a time. We hope you enjoy seeing more of your fellow Washingtonians’ creativity. (This submission has been edited for length.)

“I began this little sculpture last February as a gift for my partner’s 85th birthday. I rolled newspaper for the figures, added paper-mache, and bent armature wire into a walker wide enough to share.

All summer I have had the slow and steady mental pleasure of daubing on paint and hair and adding the things that sustain and delight us, one by one: The Seattle Times news and funnies, crosswords, cookies, watercolors, music, an iced quad espresso in a venti cup.

So this is my birthday tribute to Cynthia, my brilliant partner: To 30 years of kindness and inclusivity; to the innocence and innate goodness in us all; to the mind-expanding growth it will take for our nation to come together even as we stay obediently apart; and to the possibility that we all have everything we need as we kick up our old and young heels and go do all that needs to be done!”

— Marilyn Valentine, Seattle