A weekly column featuring reader photos.

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Photographer: Vijay Anand Venugopalan, Bellevue.

Photo taken: May 19, Snoqualmie Falls.

Photographer’s description: “It was rainy when we reached the falls. We were hoping that if the sun came out, there’d be a rainbow … Bingo, there it was, when we were back from a trail walk; this is shot from the observation point using a Canon Rebel XT, 18-55 mm lens. The glow of sunshine and the lodge in the background make this shot my favorite.”

Expert says: “The rainbow is a nice element in this misty photo of Snoqualmie Falls. The composition of the image could have been improved by turning the camera for a vertical shot that would have included the base of the falls.” — Barbara Kinney, Features picture editor, The Seattle Times

Please send us your photo from a recent weekend in the Northwest. Submit online at seattletimes.com/weekendphotos. We’ll judge the year’s best in December (and award a prize).