A water leak has been found and a system repair is under way. Food and beverage service will be limited for days to come.

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After Thursday’s ski-area closure due to a failure in the public water system at Snoqualmie Pass, this posting appeared on the Summit at Snoqualmie website Thursday afternoon:

“The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District has located and isolated the water leak and are now in the process of restoring non-potable water back to our facilities as well as local businesses and residences. This means that we will be able to reopen tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 26), but we will have severely limited food and beverage services/options in our lodges for the next 4-6 days.

“The entire Snoqualmie Pass area is currently under a boil order until the entire water system can be flushed, treated and tested. Until this testing is completed, we will not be able to cook or prepare foods on-site, but will have beverages, snacks and other packaged products available.”

For more information, see the Summit at Snoqualmie website.