The Shadow Pak from Nathan holds a runner's keys, cash and phone.

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There are plenty of things to annoy you while running. At the top of the list is a pack that won’t stay put. You know the kind — it shifts from one side to another, bounces up and down and has a zipper that won’t fully close.

Considering a low-profile style like Nathan’s Shadow Pak is not just a wise alternative but also an investment toward your inner Zen.

A very distant cousin to the bulky fanny pack, the Shadow Pak is designed to carry essentials like keys and cash. It also has an incorporated ID card to list critical information for emergency personnel. Its stretchable mesh pocket keeps items secure and can expand to fit devices such as a smartphone.

The Pak’s elastic waistband is adjustable, with limited stretch to keep it from moving mid-run. Its featherweight buckle provides unobtrusive fastening. Combined with the Pak’s light weight, it’s easy to forget that you’re even wearing it. The reflective accents offer nighttime safety.

One size fits all. The Shadow Pak is available in a range of colors, including purple, blue, green, pink and black. Price is $20-$25.

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