The bluebird trail in Bickleton, Klickitat County, is a stop on the Great Washington State Birding Trail.

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Bickleton Bluebird Trail, Site 48 from “Sun & Sage Loop” of Audubon Washington’s Great Washington State Birding Trail

Location: Off Highway 14 northeast of Goldendale, Klickitat County.

Habitat: Agricultural fields, rolling grasslands.

Best season for birding: Summer.

Birds commonly seen: “Summer homes, rent free!” Free to bluebirds, that is. Bickleton’s human residents developed the state’s first bluebird trail, with thousands of nest boxes used by mostly mountain and some Western bluebirds.

Viewing tips: Bluebird driving loop with 50 birdhouses begins at Milepost 35.2 in town of Bickleton. Turn north onto Cemetery Road. Drive 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Pine Creek Road. Drive 1 mile. Turn left onto Nelson Road. Drive 1 mile. Turn left onto Bickleton Highway to return to town. Bonus: Carousel Museum.

Getting there: From Highway 14 east of Maryhill, at Milepost 121.1, turn north onto Rock Creek Road. Drive 13.3 miles. At T intersection, turn right onto Bickleton Highway. Drive 20 miles to Bickleton.

Source: Audubon Washington, Great Washington State Birding Trail maps. See maps online (or order hard copies, $4.95 apiece), at