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Editor’s Note: My heart plummeted when I found out Carol was in the hospital in the days after she was struck from behind riding her bike. When I asked her if she would like to talk about what happened, she sent this inspiring tale of her impressively optimistic journey back to health and, eventually, back onto the saddle.

On Tuesday, March 15, I was heading home after stopping to watch the Sounders game with a friend of mine. I originally intended on taking a bus home, since it was dark and cold and I had already rode 6.5 miles from work. It was my first ride since the previous Tuesday. My left shoulder was having some issues, and I waited for a doctor appointment to dispel any fears of permanent damage. Monday, March 14, I had seen my doctor and a physical therapist and was told to continue to ride.

So here it is my first ride in a week. I should stop and mention that my bike had just been replaced by the manufacturer for a cracked frame on February 28. I rode in the Alleycat Acres fundraiser the following weekend, March 5. I was excited to have basically a brand new bike again. I love my bike. She is a beastly bike, 40 lbs of steel with front and rear fenders. She is a monster with only 3 speeds, but I can keep up with many other riders. I have been riding this bike since 2006. I always tell people, “You have to love what you ride!” And I do love my bike.

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